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Sabian Gig Mix Cymbal Pack - Authorized Dealer

Sabian Gig Mix Cymbal Pack - Authorized Dealer

SKU: rev-70301620

The Sabian Gig Mix cymbal set fortifies your kit with authoritative top end. Sonically matched for the working drummer in Sabian's famed Vault, the brilliant finish Gig Mix gives you bright, focused 14" B8 Pro high hats and 20" ride, and ups the ante with the power and responsiveness of vintage-bright B20 Bronze 16" and 18" Xs20 medium-thin crashes. Sabian's mixed-series cymbal sets let you have the advantage of cherry-picking from different lines to achieve your ideal cymbal blend - without the cost and inconvenience. Forge your signature sound, affordably, with the Sabian Gig Mix cymbal set.

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