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PRS Go Kit Musician's Bundle / Authorized Dealer

PRS Go Kit Musician's Bundle / Authorized Dealer

SKU: rev-55899549
If you're a fan of Paul Reed Smith's instruments, you'll love the PRS Go-kit Musician's Bundle. Inside you'll find all of the tools you need for a successful gig. This kit includes a PRS-branded string winder, key chain pick-holder, and high-fidelity earplugs. The string winder can be used on its own, or attach it to a drill to speed up your restringing. Here at Sweetwater, we appreciate how well the PRS earplugs dampened sound without choking out the high frequencies. With the premium leather key chain pick holder, you'll always be ready to rock and never have to ask for an extra pick. When you're ready to gig, trust the PRS Go-kit Musician's Bundle to keep the basics covered.
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