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1965 Fender Stratocaster - Original Purple Sparkle Finish! Ultra RARE! 100% Stock! Weighs 7.9lbs

Custom Factory Purple Sparkle Finish! You will not see another 60's Stratocaster like this anywhere! 100% Original! WOW!

Late 1965 Fender Stratocaster specs:

  • Peghead design enlarged significantly about 12/65 (known as the "large peghead" Strat).

  • Maple fingerboard optional (2 piece neck, no "skunk stripe").

  • Peghead Fender decal has 5 patent numbers (2,573,254 & 2,960,900 & 2,741,146 & 3,143,028 & 2,817,261).

  • Often the "film" of the peghead "Fender Stratocaster" decal is much larger. This large film decal only lasted a month or two, around 12/65. (But I have also seen this large film decal used in 1966.)

  • After serial number L99999, the serial number plate now has a large script "F" (known as a "F plate"). The serial number starts at 100000 but with no preceeding "L".

  • Peghead Fender decal has 5 patent numbers (2,573,254 & 2,960,900 & 2,741,146 & 3,143,028 & 2,817,261).

  • Cloth wires often yellow instead of white, and sometimes dark blue instead of black.

  • "Worm route" in treble pickup cavity often not as shallow and more flat in shape than seen in 1965 and earlier Strats.

  • Neck date number code for Stratocaster changes from "2" to "13". For example, Instead of "2MAY65B" as used in 1965, the neck date would be "13MAY66B" (the number before the month is *not* the day but is the code for "Stratocaster neck" used by Fender).

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This particular 1963 Stratocaster is on display in our Vintage Vault, it is not currently for sale. We estimate it's value between $20,000-$30,000

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