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1958 Fender Electric Mandolin - 3-Tone Sunburst - Super RARE and SO COOL!

Weighs in at only 3.85lbs - This one still has its original hardshell Fender case! These are getting super hard to find!

Here is a nice history of the Fender Electric Mandolins from

1956 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Contoured ash body, two-color sunburst or blond finish.

  • Anodized aluminum pickguard.

  • Serial number on neck plate (numbers do not follow standard Fender conventions).

  • One piece maple neck.

1958 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Contoured alder body replaces ash.

  • Three color sunburst finish (red added).

Mid 1959 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Slab Rosewood fingerboard.

  • Celluloid tortoise three layer pickguard.

  • "Original Contour Body" decal added to peghead.

1965 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Gold Fender decal thicker than previous "spaghetti" logo.

  • Plastic tortoise three layer pickguard replaces celluloid.

1970 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • No "Original Contour Body" decal on peghead.

1972 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Sunburst finish only.

1974 Electric Mandolin specs:

  • Black 3 ply pickguard replaces white.

1976 Electric Mandolin (Fender Mandocaster) discontinued.

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