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NuX NGS-6 Amp Academy - Authorized Dealer

NuX NGS-6 Amp Academy - Authorized Dealer

NUX NGS6 Amp Academy Stomp-Box Amp Modeler Pedal

The Amp-less approach is quickly becoming a trend for modern musicians. For guitarists who appreciate a variety of pedals and amps, but don’t have the luxury of a roadie crew to lug all of them around, look no further than the Amp Academy!. The NUX NGS6 Amp Academy delivers the sound and feel of 6 world-class tube amplifiers in a super-portable stomp-box enclosure. 

Add Amp Academy to any pedal chain and connect to a mixer or PA system for excellent tone, control, and flexibility during live performance. Monitor through the in-house monitoring system or in-ear monitors. For a dedicated personal on-stage monitor, connect your pedalboard to a powered FRFR speaker. Because the purpose of Amp Academy is to deliver amp and cab tones, it is not recommended to enable Amp Academy “in-front” of a guitar amp. If you want to bypass the IR function to us with your amp, simply toggle IR OUT switch to DOWN position to bypass the IR signal when using your board with a guitar amp

Amp Academy features 6 legendary amp models -  Vintage, Classic, Modern, Brown, Red, and Iridium. The iconic TSAC-2K (WHITE-BOX algorithm) Amp Modeling offers you a realistic amp feeling and fast playability response.

Featuring 1.2ms ultra-low system latency with 110dB ultra-wide dynamic range, this offers you realistic amp-like playability on a pedal-friendly platform.

Other features include 7 Independent movable signal blocks with Send/Return effect loop, Intuitive operation and editor software, 1024 samples IR resolution and 3rd party IR loader slot with auto format editor, Versatile application scenes with independent 1/4” & XLR IR outs, send/return effect loop, USB recording interface, firmware update, Amp Academy™️ editor software and an Ultra-wide dynamic range of 110dB.

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