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MINT! Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Jag-Stan Fiesta Red - Authorized Dealer - 7.6

MINT! Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Jag-Stan Fiesta Red - Authorized Dealer - 7.6

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OPEN BOX - SAVE BIG! Weighing only 7.6 lbs! We will match or BEAT any Fender Authorized Dealer's price! 

The Look and Sound of a Musical Revolution

Never mind the imitators: Fender's Jag-Stang Electric Guitar delivers the highly sought-after tones of Kurt Cobain! Modeled after the Jaguar and the Mustang — Kurt's go-to Fenders for many recordings and performances — the Jag-Stang takes many of the Nirvana frontman's favorite guitar features and combines them in a single hard-hitting, wildly innovative instrument. Its alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard offer professional-level performance for all players; the 24-inch short scale reduces string tension for easier playing, with a 7.25-inch radius fingerboard for comfy chording from head to heel. True to Kurt's guitar style, both pickups in the Jag-Stang were custom crafted to deliver everything from in-your-face aggression to crystal cleans with ease. There's even a slider switch for toggling the onboard phase settings, arming you with a handy tool for expanding your tonal palette into uncharted territory.

All of Kurt Cobain's favorite features in one instrument

If you were one of the millions of obsessive Nirvana fans who frequently spun Nevermind and couldn't get enough of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, then you are very familiar with Kurt Cobain's favorite Fender Jaguar and Mustang guitars. He employed these guitars for several years, and they were instrumental in forming the sound of early grunge and alternative rock. The Jag-Stang offers the best of both worlds, taking Kurt's favorite features from each instrument and combining them into a single model. Its alder body delivers Nirvana's trademark guitar punch and power, with a shorter 24-inch scale for effortless playing. A fast maple neck capped with a 7.25-inch radius rosewood fingerboard offers everything you need for pulling off thick, chunky power chords across all 22 frets. The cherry on top is the vintage-style Mustang tremolo, which is perfect for adding subtle warbles and textures to single-note leads.

High-powered electronics take you to alternative rock's early days

The Jag-Stang is equipped with a powerful pair of pickups to handle the high-octane demands of its inspiration, and Sweetwater guitarists can attest: this rock-solid 6-string is contagious. Fender threw a custom Jag-Stang humbucker in the bridge, which pumps out waves of crunchy, full-bodied tone that recall the seminal '90s music scene. Flip over to the single-coil in the neck position, and you'll instantly bask in creamy, chimey cleans reminiscent of a Strat or a Tele. A pair of slide switches gives you complete control over all of the Jag-Stang's electronics, with all pickup switching handled from one and phase on-off settings from the other.

Fender Jag-Stang Electric Guitar Features:
  • Inspired by Kurt Cobain's Jaguar and Mustang guitars and designed to meet his playing needs
  • Punchy, powerful alder body serves as a solid tonal foundation
  • Fast-playing maple neck capped with a 7.25-radius rosewood fingerboard
  • 24-inch short scale length reduces string tension
  • High-powered Jag-Stang humbucker and single-coil pickup deliver the full spectrum of alternative rock tones
  • Slider switch for toggling phase settings on and off
  • Light warbles and textures courtesy of a vintage-style Mustang tremolo
  • Vintage-style J-Bass control knobs and tuners; synthetic bone nut
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