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Mesa Boogie 5U4GB Rectifier Tube 2010s - Glass

Mesa Boogie 5U4GB Rectifier Tube 2010s - Glass

This is a NOS item, Brand New in Factory Box.

The MESA® 5U4GB RECTIFER TUBE produces a “traditional vintage sag” with the most elastic and compressed feel of the two 5U4’s that we offer. Amazing feel and exceptional overall quality make this our factory favorite. Based on classic 1950s technology, the 5U4GB is a vastly improved 5U4 design that is extremely reliable and consistent, as well as more compact compared to original “Coke Bottle” 5U4Gs. 

Please note:
This tube is similar in size to a 6L6 power tube so please take special care to install them in the correct tube position(s), especially when replacing 6L6’s at the same time. 

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