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DW Drum Workshop DWCP2002 Double Bass Drum Pedal

DW Drum Workshop DWCP2002 Double Bass Drum Pedal

SKU: DW CP2002
A Reliable and Affordable Double Kick Pedal 

DW's DWCP2002 2000 Series double kick pedal combines rock-solid reliability with an incredibly affordable price tag. A single chain cam chain-and-sprocket design with offset cam gives you the kind of quick response and recovery you need, and you can count on this pedal's all-metal construction, night after night. You'll also appreciate the single-post casting design of the DWCP2002's hat-side pedal, which lets you position it closer to the hi-hat than a typical double kick pedal. Add to that DW's Flyweight beaters, and you know you'll get the sound and feel that you need from the DW DWCP2002!

DW DWCP2002 2000 Series Double Kick Drum Pedal at a Glance:
  • 2000 Series hardware
  • Single Post Casting design
  • Dual-surfaced Flyweight beaters
2000 Series hardware

DW believes that all drummers - not just the pros - deserve quality pedals. DW's 2000 Series is big on features and construction, but light on price. Features such as all-metal build, DW's single-chain with offset cam chain-and-sprocket design, all at a price that's within reach.

Single Post Casting design

The DW DWCP2002 2000 Series double kick drum pedal sports a Single Post Casting design on the hat-side pedal that gives you ease of movement between the pedal and hi-hat. This innovative design also lets the pedals be played independently or simultaneously.

Dual-surfaced Flyweight Beaters

DW's DWCP2002 comes with their 2-way Flyweight beaters. You get two hard sound options: a hefty punch from one side, and a tight, aggressive sound from the other. Either way, the DW DWSM107 Flyweight beaters cover a broad range of musical applications.

DW DWCP2002 2000 Series Double Kick Drum Pedal Features:
  • The features you need - at a price you can afford!
  • Offset Turbo Cam is fast and responsive
  • Single-Post Casting design provides ease of movement between the hat-side pedal and hi-hat
  • Steel base plate and heavy-duty all-metal construction can take the punishment of live performances
  • Dual-Adjustable Toe Clamp keeps drum and pedal connected
  • Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly ensures a smooth recovery
  • Adjustable spikes for non-slip action
  • Hook and loop strips prevent drum creep
  • Includes DW's DWSM107 Flyweight beaters
The DW DWCP3000 - a rock solid kick drum pedal at a great price!
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