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One of the Holy Grails of Vintage Gibson guitars...1958 Gibson Korina Flying V - 100% Original!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

It doesn't get much more rare than this beauty! This was one of the first guitars that Greg purchased. The story goes he was working with his father Richard developing a suburb of Reno that is now called Golden Valley. He spent his entire summer in 1968 working 10+ hour days. He saved up all his earnings and found this V for sale in the classified section of the local newspaper. It was priced at $1200 (pretty expensive for those days). He knew he had to have it, and immediately spent all the money he was saving the entire summer on this guitar. It is said that his father was less than impressed with his purchase and told him what a waste of all that hard work it was. Fast forward 55 years and it is now probably considered one of the best investments anyone could have made (with the exception of buying Apple stocks). This guitar is valued at close to half a million dollars now, if you can find one. These are extremely rare. Here is a great article about the history of the Flying V from, definitely worth the read. Come by the next time you are in Reno, this beauty is on display in our Vintage Vault.

Although it is getting pretty tough to find actual vintage models (that are not the price of an average single family home), the Gibson Custom Shop is doing an incredible job recreating these guitars (and the Murphy Lab is making some of the best reissues we have ever seen!), they truly do feel and sound like the vintage instruments they are replicating. We order at least a few of the 1958 Korina Flying V VOS Reisues a year. They don't last long and are still a bit spendy at $9999, they are everything that the original is as far as the look and feel. Gibson is really doing their guitars right these days!

Please check this website for the Custom Shop Gibsons that we have listed. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly, as we are one of the largest Gibson dealers in the country and can have one made for you to your exact specifications. or 775-331-1001.

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