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1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard 80 - Hand-Signed by Les Paul - 100% Unplayed - As New!

The Gibson Les Paul Heritage Award was the absolute top of the line for the Heritage Series and only around 50 were ever made. The Awards were distributed to stores in the USA which performed well with sales of the Heritage Series. We at Bizarre Guitar were one of those stores. They also sent us this one that was hand signed by the man himself. This is an untouched 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Standard 80. The top on this one is outstanding!

The Heritage Series Standard 80 has a three-piece neck and rosewood fretboard. Some came with rather plain tops, others have moderate flame. There are a few examples with one-piece necks and ebony fretboards, which indicates that Elite necks were used during parts shortages. The example here has a very deep flame. Colors were dark cherry sunburst or honeyburst. The truss rod cover is inscribed with “Heritage Series Standard 80. ” The example shown weighs in at only 9.2lbs (very light for one of these models, most were in the 10lb + range) . It has an exquisite curly flame top.

This particular LP is not for sale, we are estimating the value in the $10,000 range. (Maybe more...) The good news is that the Gibson Custom Shop is doing an incredible job recreating these guitars (and the Murphy Lab is making some of the best reissues we have ever seen!), they truly do feel and sound like the vintage instruments they are replicating. Please check this website for the Custom Shop Gibsons that we have listed. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly, as we are one of the largest Gibson dealers in the country and can have one made for you to your exact specifications. or 775-331-1001.

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