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1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior - Only 7.2lbs - 100% Original

These vintage 1950's LP Juniors have become super popular over the last few decades, they were originally billed as a less expensive alternative to the LP standards of the time. Talking to Greg about these guitars, he was saying he would buy a ton of them all over the country in the early 70's for $75 each and then resell them in shop for $150. He was savvy enough to stash a few of the ones he purchased back in those days away in the basement of the store and forget about them. The value of these has gone up from the $150 mark to around $10,000 if you can find one. Pretty smart move on Greg's part to hold onto a few. We have quite a few on display in our Vintage Vault that is open to the public.

Although it is getting pretty tough to find actual vintage models, the Gibson Custom Shop is doing an incredible job recreating these guitars (and the Murphy Lab is making some of the best reissues we have ever seen!), they truly do feel and sound like the vintage instruments they are replicating. Please check this website for the Custom Shop Gibsons that we have listed. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly, as we are one of the largest Gibson dealers in the country and can have one made for you to your exact specifications. or 775-331-1001.

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