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1952 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top with Trapeze Tailpiece and P90 Pick-Ups

This beauty is an amazing example of a 1952 Les Paul Standard Goldtop.

100% original, nicely checked finish from 71 years of life! Weighs in at 9lbs even! Here is a bit of history about the first Les Paul Gibson offered for sale to the public, this one, as well as many other vintage 50’s Les Pauls are on display in our Vintage Vault, open to the public!

After Gibson initially rejected his solidbody guitar prototype, “The Log,” a few years earlier, Les Paul was brought on in 1951 to collaborate on a new guitar design that would mark the company’s entry into the burgeoning solidbody market. As we all know now, that guitar would go on to revolutionize the world of music and leave an indelible impression on guitarists from that point onward.

Aside from his endorsement and name, Paul’s actual contributions to the new Les Paul model have been disputed. He maintained that he had the final say on the guitar’s design, but Gibson’s president at the time, Ted McCarty, said the design was already finalized when they approached the multi-tracking pioneer for an endorsement. Although we may never know which version of the story is true—or whether it’s a combination of both—both sides agree that Paul requested a gold finish for the guitar to maximize its flashiness and highlight its quality. It was this cosmetic decision that brought about the nickname for the now-legendary first Les Paul model: the goldtop.

While most of the first Les Pauls came out of the Gibson factory in 1952 with the iconic finish only on top, some—including other 50’s LP’s we have in the Vault collection—sported gold on the neck, back, and sides as well. This goldtop also features binding on the neck and body, and it was never serialized, either. That sets the production date solidly in the latter half of 1952.

This one also sports an absolutely beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

After having a chance to photograph these pieces of history, it is truly amazing to us how close the Murphy Lab is to recreating the look, and more importantly the feel of these vintage LP’s. It really is incredible to be in the position to experience this first hand. Please check our selection of Murphy Lab Gibson Custom Shop guitars that are available for purchase on this website. They are not vintage, but no one will be able to tell the difference!

This particular 1952 LP is not for sale, but we have seen them go for as much as $45,000 depending on the condition. The Gibson Custom Shop is doing an incredible job recreating these guitars, they truly do feel and sound like the vintage instruments they are replicating. Please check this website for the Custom Shop Gibsons that we have listed. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly, as we are one of the largest Gibson dealers in the country and can have one made for you to your exact specifications. or 775-331-1001.

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