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  • The Greg Golden Band opened for Tesla on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the Thunder Valley Amphitheater, Lincoln, CA

    The Greg Golden Band is a classic rock band... They are pros and have many years of experience touring and playing...Greg Golden lead guitar/vocals and Jeff Montgomery on guitar/vocals.

    Set List:
    Long Way Home, Cherokee, Man on the Silver Mountain, Into the Darkness, Rock N Roll Gambler, Hell or High Water, Bad Winter, Far Away, Higher Ground, Rock Candy

    The Greg Golden Band has backed up Sebastian Bach, Y&T, Frank Hannon Band, L.A. Guns, Jeff Keith (Tesla), Gary Hoey, Puddle of Mud, Great White, .38 Special and other noted rock and roll bands.

    The Greg Golden Band The Greg Golden Band - Greg Golden lead guitar/vocals and Jeff Montgomery on guitar/vocals.
  • Quick Tour of the World Famous Bizarre Guitar Vault with Shanda Golden

    If you are ever in Reno, NV plan to stop by Bizarre Guitar and check out the store and enjoy a quick tour of The Vault housing Greg Golden's Personal Guitar Collection.

    Some of the rarest guitars in the world. Greg started collecting guitars in the 1970's while out on tour with his band. He would ship them back to mother for safe keeping.

    When he returned home after touring he started selling some of the guitars prior to opening his first guitar shop. He then built the current store in 1974. Bizarre Guitar is one of the largest Independently Owned Guitar stores still in existence today.

    Tons of history within these walls. I hope you enjoy the quick video.

  • Thunder Roads Magazine Reviews The Greg Golden Band

    Extremely gifted lead guitarist Greg Golden is no stranger to many of the rock stars in the musical profession. Greg opened the doors of one of the largest single owned music stores in Reno, Nevada called Bizarre Guitar ( during August 1974. Greg has welcomed just about every accomplished musician there is like Carlos Santana, Merle Haggard, B.B. King, The Doobie Brothers, Eddie Van Halen, Tesla, and the list goes on.

    Greg Golden is also a collector of guitars and guns. His museum houses some of the most exquisite and one of-a-kind guitars in the world, along with guitars owned by top rock stars. Greg uses a modified '54 Les Paul Goldtop, a '57 gold top and a 1960 Les Paul Custom. Those are the same guitars he has played since the early 70's. During this interview Greg beamed from ear to ear when asked about his vault of guitars. Stop by and see his store and museum the next time you are in Reno.

    Greg's musical roots go further back than 1974. His mother sang country music in Vegas and in Reno for many years and encouraged her son.Greg began playing guitar at the age of 7 He learned chords and shortly after began playing country music. His first band took place at the age of 10. By the time he was 13, he started his first rock band called "Axe" (Axe is slang for guitar). Greg has played with Floyd Rose (widely known for his guitar tremolo invention) Mike Japp (songwritter for KISS), Chuck Ruff (the original drummer for Edgar Winter), Bud Gaugh, (the original drummer for Sublime), and many other great musicians.

    Jeff Montgomery: Guitar - Jeff has been teaching guitar and bass at the Bizarre Guitar since the early 1990's. By 2011, Jeff was a full time member too. Jeff still teaches at Bizarre Guitar with Jeff Montgomery Guitar Instruction.

    There have been a few line-up changes over the years, however they all agree that the present members of the band, are the best fit possible. Besides playing well together, they have a tight brotherhood relationship.

    Thunder Roads Magazine Review The Greg Golden Band Thunder Roads Magazine Review The Greg Golden Band

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